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Bali Atv Ride Cost

Bali Atv Ride Cost

Bali is a lovely Indonesian island with a broad range of natural sceneries and terrains to explore. An ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) trip is one of the most popular methods to enjoy Bali’s breathtaking scenery. If you want to go on an ATV ride Bali, you should be aware of the many price points and aspects that influence the entire cost of the event.

We’ll go over all you need to know about Bali ATV ride rates in this article.

Factors Influencing Bali ATV Ride Costs

The cost of an ATV ride in Bali can be influenced by a number of things. These are some examples:

The Ride’s Duration
One of the most important aspects influencing the final cost is the time of the ATV trip. In Bali, ATV rides can last anything from 30 minutes to several hours. The longer the ride, the more expensive it is.

The Ride’s Location
Another aspect that can influence the price of an ATV trip is its location. Some ATV excursions take place in distant and difficult-to-reach locations, necessitating additional transportation fees or specialized equipment.

Included and Excluded
The ATV ride’s contents and exclusions might also influence the pricing. Some ATV tours may incorporate extra activities, such as visits to nearby villages or waterfalls, which might raise the price.

Group Dimensions
The price of the ATV ride is also affected by the size of the group. Some ATV ride providers provide discounts for larger groups, while others may demand additional fees for small groups.

The time of day
The price of an ATV ride can also be affected by the time of day. Several operators provide early bird or sunset rides, which are sometimes more expensive than ordinary daytime rides.

ATV Ride Costs in Bali on Average

The cost of an ATV ride in Bali varies depending on the parameters listed above. A one-hour ATV ride in Bali can cost anywhere from IDR 500,000 to IDR 1,200,000 (about $35 to $85 USD).

But, it’s important to remember that the pricing may vary according on the operator, location, and amenities. To get the best pricing and value for your money, always do your research and compare several ATV ride operators.

How to Obtain the Best Bali ATV Ride Pricing

Price comparison and research
The best approach to obtain the best pricing and value for your money is to research and compare different ATV ride operators. Search for operators who provide the activities and inclusions you want, and compare their rates and packages.

Make a Reservation in Advance
Scheduling your ATV trip ahead of time might help you get a better deal and ensure availability. Some operators provide discounts for early bookings or group bookings, so it’s always worth checking to see if any special offers are available.

Price negotiation
While booking an ATV trip in Bali, you can also negotiate the pricing. Some operators may be willing to negotiate, particularly during the off-season or for large groups.

Look for any hidden costs.
Check for any hidden costs, such as transportation fees, taxes, or equipment rental fees, before scheduling your ATV ride. To minimize surprises later on, it’s usually best to have a clear grasp of the whole cost up front.


An ATV ride in Bali is a thrilling and adventurous way to see the gorgeous scenery and natural beauty of the island. Knowing the aspects that influence the overall cost of the event, as well as following the advice provided above, can assist you in obtaining the best price and value for your money. Bali has a large choice of ATV ride operators to pick from, whether you want a quick ride or an all-day excursion.

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