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The charm of Tanjung Benoa Beach

The Island of the Gods is famous for its extraordinary natural and cultural wealth. Various tourist destinations seem to bewitch travelers to explore this island thoroughly. Bali is known to have a tourist charm that is enough to attract domestic and foreign tourists.

Bali offers a distinctive culture, hundreds of beaches stretching with beautiful underwater charms, legendary temples, and a variety of culinary destinations that can spoil the tongue of tourists. Everything you can find on the island of Bali.

One of the tourist destinations that you should not miss is Tanjung Benoa Beach. This beach is indeed an exciting destination to test your adrenaline through the many rides that you can try there. Then, what are the attractions, here's an explanation.

Attractions of Tanjung Benoa Beach

Tanjung Benoa Beach provides valuable experience to try out water sports rides and educate tourists. Where this destination offers its own charm, including:

Try Water Sports Activities
Tanjung Benoa Beach is the most famous white sand beach for Bali Water Sports activities. You can choose from several water sports activities on offer such as Bali parasailing adventure, riding a jet ski, sea walker, and riding a Bali banana boat.

Adventure to Turtle Island
Turtle Island is a breeding place for green turtles which are rare animals. Tourists can ride a glass bottom boat by the manager. Turtle Island can be an educational tour for you and your family, because it is allowed to take pictures holding green turtles there.

Exploring the Mangrove Forest
Exotic mangrove forests are one of the tourist attractions in Tanjung Benoa, which is located west of Tanjung Benoa beach. You can explore the mangrove forest by driving a speedboat or jet ski.

Enjoying the Architecture of Pura Dalem Ning Lan Taman Beji
On Tanjung Benoa Beach, tourists can visit Pura Dalem Ning Lan Taman Beji which presents a unique architecture. This white stone temple has a towering gate with beautiful carvings.

Culinary Rujak Batu-Batu
Tanjung Benoa Beach also offers a typical culinary dish that is often found on the beach, namely stone salad made from sea shells. The concoction of vinegar, salt and chili sauce will spoil your tongue.

If you are interested in enjoying the beauty of Tanjung Benoa Beach, please use the complete tour package from Baliventur. You can choose all the best tourist destinations according to the economical packages available on this travel tour.

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